Tooth Removal

General and Surgical Tooth Extraction in Toorak

Whilst the thought of tooth extraction might not be pleasant, it can sometimes be a necessary dental procedure. At K1 Dental Toorak, we understand the natural anxiety that such a procedure can cause and utilise pain-avoidance techniques to make the tooth extraction experience as painless and as stress-free as possible.

If you are concerned about your teeth then a full dental checkup will reveal any problems and you can discuss the entire range of treatments with your dentist.

Do You Need a Tooth Extraction?


Tooth extractions may be required for a number of reasons such as:

  1. Damaged teeth that may be beyond repair
  2. Teeth that suffer from severe gum disease and bone loss
  3. Infected teeth that would no longer benefit from root canal treatment
  4. To relieve an overcrowded mouth, perhaps before the fitting of braces
  5. To remove a malpositioned tooth or teeth that are no longer functioning

Where possible, we would always try to save your tooth and view tooth extraction as the very last resort. However, if there is no other way of saving that tooth or if it is having a detrimental effect on the health of your remaining teeth we will sit down and work out a suitable treatment plan, giving you plenty of time to ask questions.

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We make time to develop rapport and trust, discussing all of the treatment options including exactly what will happen at each stage of the process.