Sleep Dentistry

Sleep Dentistry for a Pain Free Dentist Appointment

Have you been unable to receive the dentistry treatments you need because of a fear of pain or discomfort? Maybe an overactive gag reflex, sensitive teeth, or difficulty becoming numb is keeping you from enjoying your best smile.

At K1 Dental, we have several ways to help patients manage discomfort and anxiety with the goal of achieving pain-free dentist visits.

Sedation Dentistry in Melbourne

Our surgery is geared towards sedation dentistry and we offer inhalation sedation (laughing gas, Penthrox) and Sleep dentistry for anxious individuals or those undergoing complex treatments.

Sleep dentistry (General anaesthetic) allows for apprehensive and anxious patients to relax and lay back during their dental procedure, alleviating any complications preventing the completion of treatments. This procedure can help if you suffer from:

  • fear or anxiety
  • difficulty getting numb
  • discomfort from holding your mouth open
  • a strong gag reflex which increases discomfort during dental treatment
  • a negative or traumatic past experience

Book your Pain Free Dentist Appointment at K1 Dental Toorak

With the team at K1 dental working alongside our Registered Anaesthetic consultant, Sleep dentistry now means that most patients can have a pain-free dentist visit right here in our Toorak premises. Give us a call or enquire today.