Should I see my Dentist During COVID restrictions?

COVID-19 has disrupted so much in everyone’s lives with Dentistry being no different. Current level 4 restrictions mean Emergency only for Dental treatment.

What does that mean for you?

It means your regular examination and hygiene appointment needs to be postponed until restrictions alter. K1 Dental remains open six days a week, from 8 am for emergency treatment – which is a toothache, broken tooth, root canal treatment, or any discomfort you, a family member or friend may be experiencing.

Avoiding dental treatment is never a good idea. A relatively small problem can quickly become an expensive and painful procedure. During this global pandemic, it is no different. If you have had a filling dislodge, diagnosed decay, an abscess, pain on biting, or pain to temperature, we highly recommend you should schedule an appointment with K1 Dental as soon as possible so we can treat the issue.

There are options available for those suffering from COVID-19, or who have been in direct contact with someone who has COVID-19, so please chat to our friendly reception team. Restrictions are set to ease for Dental Treatment from September 28th.

The team at K1 Dental greatly looks forward to resuming regular Examinations and Hygiene appointments. Prevention is always better than cure. Honestly, we look forward to getting back to normal just as much as you do.

Dr Jesse Becker
K1 Dental, Toorak

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