Orthodontic Braces

Do You Need Orthodontic Braces?

Orthodontic braces are primarily used to straighten teeth. You may need a brace if you suffer from one of the following:

Your teeth or jaw have not developed correctly
Your teeth are crooked, protruding or out of place
You have an overcrowded mouth
You have gaps between teeth
Your bottom and top teeth do not meet when you bite down

Whilst most patients who need orthodontic braces are adolescents, more and more adults are having orthodontic treatment, perhaps after an accident or because they didn’t get the chance when they were younger.

First Appointment

As every patient is slightly different part of getting braces is having a consultation with one our orthodontic dentists. They specialise in correcting bites, alignment and crooked teeth. Fortunately, we have made this consultation FREE enabling you to understand the process, and a treatment plan without any commitment.


What happens next?


The process of getting braces involves future consultations to tighten and adjust the braces. We will work with you to book in convenient times for yourself and your family. We aim to make the treatments as painless as possible and always have your comfort front of mind.

Schedule a consultation at K1 Dental, Melbourne.

Orthodontic braces are made to be as comfortable as possible for the wearer whilst remaining discreet.

Some people might like to choose different colours and personalise their braces whilst others would rather choose white or clear braces.

In some circumstances your orthodontic braces may also be worn with headgear at night. Towards the end of your treatment, retainers may also be used to hold your newly positioned teeth in place whilst your bone and gum adjust to their new positioning.

On average, treatment usually lasts from 12 months to two years and you will be seen every few weeks to assess your treatment and have your Braces adjusted.