Dentures in Toorak

The Most Affordable Tooth Replacement Option

Thanks to innovations in dentistry and high-quality materials, dentures have come a long way from the ill-fitting false teeth that you might remember your grandparents having! Dentures offer the lowest-priced solution to the problem of missing teeth and we offer single dentures or whole set dentures.

The right dentures can make a huge difference to your smile and so our premium dental care is designed around you and your needs, helping us to give you the best dental treatment possible.

Your teeth are unique and that’s how your dentures should be, which is why we choose to use local Melbourne dental technicians, and take the time to get fittings and moulds just right.

Are Dentures right for you?


Tooth loss at any age can lead to difficulties in chewing certain foods and may restrict jaw movement. Your gum could also begin to recede, which could lead to facial drooping and even premature signs of aging.

If single teeth are missing, this can exacerbate further dental problems and possibly lead to the loss of some of the remaining teeth. Teeth implants are an alternative to dentures as they fit directly into your jawbone.

If you’re not sure which option is best, our cosmetic dentists will be happy to explain the differences and the implications so you can make the best choice for your teeth, budget and lifestyle.


What are Dentures made from?


Dentures now look and feel more natural than ever before, with a choice of materials available:

  • Acrylic dentures are designed to produce a natural feel and look. The acrylic we use is hardwearing, correcting biting function and improving your overall appearance naturally.
  • Metallic dentures can be more comfortable and more easily customised to improve your gum contour. Metallic dentures may also last much longer than acrylic dentures but cost more to manufacture, and are therefore more expensive than acrylic dentures.

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