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Dental Hygiene

Professional Teeth Cleaning by a Dental Hygienist

Teeth Cleaning Toorak Melbourne

Get a professional clean and polish as part of your checkup or as an individual procedure

Nothing beats that fresh, sparkling feeling of getting your teeth cleaned at the dentist.

When compared to a clean with a dental hygienist, cleaning your teeth at home generally isn’t as effective at removing staining and calculus.

We all know how much a natural smile can light up your whole face, and that great feeling that comes with knowing your teeth are squeaky-clean and your breath is fresh.

Teeth Cleaning in Melbourne

You can book yourself in for a professional clean and polish at our practice along with our full dental checkup or as a single procedure.

Your Dental Hygienist will remove any plaque or tartar deposits from your teeth (including from those awkward-to-reach areas). A professional scale and clean will then remove any calcium deposits from the teeth to manage bacteria growth and staining.

A final polish will leave the surface of your teeth clean and smooth, making it difficult for bacteria to cling on to, therefore helping you to keep on top of your teeth-cleaning routine. Fluoride is also applied to the teeth to help strengthen and protect them.


Keep on Top of Your Dental Hygiene!

Your Dental Hygienist will be on hand to give you the right advice on how to brush and floss your teeth. This dental hygiene advice is especially useful for children. If we get them off on the right foot (or tooth!) now then they’ll benefit from healthy teeth and gums in the future.

Regular patients who book a checkup and clean with us will also benefit from a Colgate oral care pack that contains mouthwash, toothpaste, a toothbrush and floss to help you keep your teeth looking and feeling great.

Book an Appointment

Would you like that long-lasting zingy freshness that only a professional dental clean can bring? Book a professional scale and clean with one of our trained Dental Hygienists together with a check up with one of our Dentists or call us on (03) 9827 2922.


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