Child Friendly Dentists in Melbourne

Friendly and Fun Dentists in Toorak Melbourne

Teaching children good dental habits from an early age is vitally important. These habits can last well into adulthood, giving them a great head start in caring for their teeth and a positive attitude towards dental health.

We recommend bringing your children in when you book a full dental checkup with us so that they get used to going to the dentist and can see that there is nothing to fear.

Many children are anxious about visiting the dentist, particularly if it’s their first visit, so we do everything we can to put them at ease. Our dentists in Toorak can make a visit to the dentist fun for children with a variety of dental toys and games all aimed at teaching them good brushing techniques and to help explain what a dentist does.

Children especially love to sit in the dentist’s chair whilst we take them for a ride!

Our aim is to make every visit a positive experience and for them to get to know and trust their own personal dentist.

Dentists Who Understand Children’s Needs

If children come to us needing treatment or it’s their first visit then often the parents can be as anxious as the kids! We take an empathic approach to both parents and children and explain every part of the procedure and checkup before it happens.

We acknowledge that children may be fearful and so we take more time over any treatment. We’ll pause if the child signals that they need a break and we’ll give plenty of praise and encouragement to show children that they can conquer their fears. We’ll also update parents on their child’s development and answer any concerns or questions you might have. A little reassurance goes a long way!


Medicare Child Dental Benefits

Did you know that children between the ages of 2 and 17 may be eligible for free dental care? Through the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS), they can have up to $1095 in services every two years. Your family must receive a government benefit such as the Family Tax Benefit Part A for your child to be eligible.

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We recommend that every child start visiting the dentist from the age of two years to get used to the environment. This can also help to establish a positive relationship with the dentist. Ideally you would bring your child along when you have your regular checkups, so they can see what the procedure entails.

Start your child off with the right attitude about caring for their teeth.